towards a dignified 
life's about them

Why ECOmpatible? 
Because we need to fight EXCLUSION!

Life is getting more and more demanding, while being less and less predictable; our societies today are confronted with ongoing disruptive changes; social discrimination, political tensions, economic inequalities, mass migrations, sanitary crises, climate change, and the list goes on. 

All of this is compounded with daily unforeseen risks and protection concerns that make our lives even more vulnerable than ever before. 

Nevertheless, these changes can still be perceived differently: they can inspire us to actively learn, think and innovate in order to deal with life’s challenges… and that’s the reason why Ecompatible exists: 

We were born as a Non Profit humanitarian and development organisation to support Social Justice


Our Mission

"We want to elevate the status of vulnerable people, from being hopeless numbers to Dignified Human Beings".


Our team members are profoundly dedicated to support and serve while always being inspired by shared core values: Respect, Inclusion, Solidarity & Engagement.

There will always be HOPE

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